dissabte, 27 de setembre de 2014

Teju Cole fent-se el Flaubert

"It does seem an odd thing -it strikes me now as it did then- that we can comprehend words without voicing them. For Augustine, the weight and inner life of sentences were best experienced out loud, but much has changed in our idea of reading since then. We have for too long been taught that the sight of a man speaking to himself is a sign of eccentricity or madness; we are no longer at all habituated to our own voices, except in conversation or from within the safety of a shouting crowd. But a book suggests conversation: one person is speaking to another, and audible sound is, or should be, natural to that exchange. So I read aloud with myself as my audience, and gave voice to another's words", diu Teju Cole a Open City. Llegeixo i faig que sí amb el cap, en silenci. 

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